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Plan Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1
Bikeway Network

Chapter 2
Bicycle-friendly Streets

Chapter 3
Bike Parking

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Marketing and
Health Promotion

Chapter 7
Law Enforcement
and Crash Analysis

Chapter 8
Bicycle Messengers





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Chapter 4

Objective Two:
Encourage Metra to improve bicycle access to their stations and trains.


2.1 Encourage Metra to permit bicycles on their trains on a year-round basis. Metra currently permits bicycles on their trains between June and October. Permitting bicycles on Metra trains on a year-round basis would significantly expand bicyclists’ travel options and range.
2.1.1 Performance Measure: Encourage Metra to allow bicycles on their trains on a year-round basis, beginning in 2006.
2.1.2 Best Practices: State of California, Caltrain; Philadelphia, PA, SEPTA
2.2 Encourage Metra to provide bicycle access in the planning, design, and operation of new and refurbished stations and trains. Bicycle accommodations should be integrated into the planning for new transit facilities. Bicycle access should not interfere with other passengers’ convenience or safety, particularly for the disabled and elderly.
2.2.1 Performance Measure: Encourage Metra to prepare planning, design, and operational guidelines on providing bicycle access to their stations and trains by 2007.
2.2.2 Best Practice: Portland, OR, TriMet
2.3 Encourage Metra to provide convenient bicycle access and storage on new and refurbished trains.
2.3.1 Performance Measure: Encourage Metra to develop and implement planning, engineering, and operational guidelines for accommodating bicycles on new and refurbished Metra trains by 2007.
2.3.2 Best Practices: State of California, Caltrain; State of New Jersey, NJ TRANSIT
2.4 Encourage the posting of signs publicizing the bike-transit connection. Show the best routes to bicycle to the station, where to park bikes, nearby bicycle shops, popular destinations, and how to bring bicycles on trains. Begin with stations with the greatest potential for bike-transit use.
2.4.1 Performance Measure: Encourage Metra to install signs at 10 – 20 stations by 2008.
2.5 Encourage Metra to increase the number of bicycles that can be stored on their trains. Test wall-mounted racks and other bicycle retention devices. Investigate replacing fixed seats with folding seats and installing passenger handholds. If successful, expand initiative.
2.5.1 Performance Measure: Encourage Metra to test 3 – 5 methods for bicycle storage in their trains by 2009.
2.5.2 Best Practices: San Jose, CA, VTA; Portland, OR, TriMet; Copenhagen, Denmark

Possible Funding

Federal transportation programs including the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program and Surface Transportation Program; Federal Transit Administration; Regional Transportation Authority; Metra; chambers of commerce.

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