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Plan Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1
Bikeway Network

Chapter 2
Bicycle-friendly Streets

Chapter 3
Bike Parking

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Marketing and
Health Promotion

Chapter 7
Law Enforcement
and Crash Analysis

Chapter 8
Bicycle Messengers





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Chapter 4

Objective Five:
Market and promote the bike-transit connection.


5.1 Determine how to increase the number of people who combine bicycling and transit use. Survey transit users to identify the barriers to and the opportunities for more bike-transit use.
5.1.1 Performance Measures: Conduct annual customer surveys and user counts of the CTA’s Bike & Ride program, beginning in 2006. Encourage Metra to conduct similar surveys and counts.
5.2 Promote the bike-transit connection to increase usage. Determine the best strategies, audiences, and messages. Identify and apply best practices from other cities. Possible practices include distributing special maps identifying recommended bikeways to train stations; identifying bike trail locations on the CTA’s Bus and Rail Map; advertising in stations, on buses and trains; and video clips on the CTA and Pace Web sites demonstrating how to load and unload bicycles from bus racks.
5.2.1 Performance Measures: Bike to transit marketing report completed in 2006. Implement major recommendations by 2008.
5.2.2 Best Practice: Vancouver, B.C., TransLink
5.3 Widely publicize the bike-transit option. Publicize in CTA, Metra, Pace, RTA, Mayor’s Office of Special Events, and Chicago Department of Transportation publications, press releases, maps, and Web sites. Publicize on event promotional materials.
5.3.1 Performance Measures: Issue 1 – 2 press releases per year publicizing the bike-transit option, beginning in 2006. Add links to the Bicycle Program’s Web site on the CTA, Metra, Pace, RTA, and Mayor’s Office of Special Events Web sites in 2006.
5.4 Feature a Bike to Transit Week during the annual Bike Chicago festival. Stage events and provide incentives, to encourage bike-transit use.
5.4.1 Performance Measure: Stage an annual Bike to Transit Week, beginning in 2006.
5.5 Promote bike-transit use in existing transit incentive programs.
5.5.1 Performance Measure: Promote bike-transit use in the CTA’s U-Pass, New Residents, and Transit Benefit programs, beginning in 2006.
5.5.2 Best Practice: San Mateo, CA
5.6 Partner with the Safe Routes to School and Bike to Campus programs to encourage high school and university students to combine bicycle and transit trips.
5.6.1 Performance Measure: Revise the Safe Routes to School and Bike to Campus programs to promote bike-transit use, beginning in 2007.

Possible Funding

Federal transportation programs including the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program and the Unified Work Program (UWP); Federal Transit Administration; Conserve by Bicycling Program; Regional Transportation Authority, including the Regional Technical Assistance Program; CTA; Metra; Pace; Mayor’s Office of Special Events; Chicago Department of Transportation.

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