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Plan Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1
Bikeway Network

Chapter 2
Bicycle-friendly Streets

Chapter 3
Bike Parking

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Marketing and
Health Promotion

Chapter 7
Law Enforcement
and Crash Analysis

Chapter 8
Bicycle Messengers





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Chapter 6

Objective Five:
Promote Chicago as a destination for bicycle tourism.


5.1 Publicize opportunities for bicycle touring and rental in Chicago. Distribute information to tourist bureaus, hotels, youth hostels, and regional travel magazines. Identify self-guided bike tours. Feature information on Chicago Web sites, including the Bicycle Program’s.
5.1.1 Performance Measures: Distribute bicycle touring and rental information to 50 – 100 locations per year, beginning in 2006. Identify 3 – 5 self-guided bike tours in 2006. Feature information on bicycle touring and rental on 3 – 5 Web sites by 2007.
5.2 Promote Chicago as a destination for bicycle tourism. Tourists could be attracted to Chicago for bicycle events, city rides or longer tours (e.g., along the Grand Illinois Trail). Visitors could extend their trip by a day or two. “Active” tourists can contribute significantly to Chicago’s economy. Bicycle tourism in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina, for example, generates $60 million in annual revenue, creating or supporting 1400 jobs.5
5.2.1 Performance Measures: Prepare a bicycle tourism marketing plan by 2007. Implement key recommendations by 2008.
5.2.2 Best Practice: North Carolina Department of Transportation, Pathways to Prosperity

Possible Funding

Chicago Office of Tourism; Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau; Illinois Bureau of Tourism; Chicago Department of Transportation; participating businesses and agencies.

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