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Executive Summary


Chapter 1
Bikeway Network

Chapter 2
Bicycle-friendly Streets

Chapter 3
Bike Parking

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Marketing and
Health Promotion

Chapter 7
Law Enforcement
and Crash Analysis

Chapter 8
Bicycle Messengers





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Chapter 8

Objective Two:
Encourage a safe work environment for bicycle messengers.


2.1 Provide safety publications and bicycle maps to bicycle messenger companies. Encourage distribution to their employees.
2.1.1 Performance Measure: Distribute publications once or twice a year, beginning in 2005.
2.2 Revise Chicago’s bicycle messenger ordinance to specify that bicycle messengers must wear a suitable helmet while working and establish a mechanism to advise messenger services of infractions by their employees. Currently, there is no requirement for messengers to fasten helmets while working, exposing bicycle messengers to severe head injuries in the event of an accident. There is also no mechanism to advise messenger services when employees are cited, which has led to situations where messenger services receive default judgments and large fines. Establish procedures to deal with repeat offenders.
2.2.1 Performance Measure: Revise the bicycle messenger ordinance by 2007.
2.3 Require new bicycle messengers to complete a City of Chicago sponsored training session. Training provides traffic safety skills and demonstrates appropriate conduct and delivery protocols. Encourage peer-led training. Require successful completion of an examination.
2.3.1 Performance Measure: Establish a bicycle messenger training session, beginning in 2007.
2.3.2 Best Practice: Vancouver, B.C., Traffic Skills for Couriers
2.4 Encourage regular screenings of Chicago’s bicycle messenger training video. Update video; distribute it to Chicago’s licensed messenger services. Use in conjunction with bicycle messenger training (refer to Strategy 2.3).
2.4.1 Performance Measure: Update and distribute video by 2007.
2.5 Train appropriate police officers to enforce traffic laws and the bicycle messenger ordinance. Ensure that officers are educated on the rights and responsibilities of bicycle messengers. Establish procedures to deal with repeat offenders. Ensure that officers record citations for crashes with bicycle messengers correctly, so appropriate countermeasures for the most serious problems can be developed.
2.5.1 Performance Measure: Annual police training, beginning in 2007.

Possible Funding

Federal Traffic Safety (Section 402) funds; Messenger Service Association of Illinois; bicycle messenger and delivery companies; Department of Consumer Services; Department of Law; Chicago Police Department.

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