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Plan Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1
Bikeway Network

Chapter 2
Bicycle-friendly Streets

Chapter 3
Bike Parking

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Marketing and
Health Promotion

Chapter 7
Law Enforcement
and Crash Analysis

Chapter 8
Bicycle Messengers





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Chapter 8

Objective Three:
Promote the use of bicycle messengers.


3.1 Feature the advantages of bicycle messenger services on the Bicycle Program’s Web site. List the advantages of deliveries by bicycle, current licensed companies, and other useful information.
3.1.1 Performance Measure: Include bicycle messenger information on the Bicycle Program’s Web site in 2006.
3.2 Expand the annual Bicycle Messenger Appreciation Day to a full day of events and promotions. Highlight bicycle messengers as responsible and valuable professionals.
3.2.1 Performance Measure: Expand the annual Bicycle Messenger Appreciation Day, beginning in 2007.
3.2.2 Best Practice: Toronto, ON

Possible Funding

Messenger Service Association of Illinois; Department of Consumer Services; Chicago Department of Transportation; Mayor’s Office of Special Events.

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